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From to in about a gazillion steps :d
Requested by ohfreckle.
The people that have downloaded the stock psd's, don't bother checking this out, it's pretty much the same.

Definitely not translatable, includes selective coloring, color balance, curves, etc etc......and it's uses some of the same layers used in my older tutorial (I'm a creature of habit, sorry).

01. Find yourself an image, crop it (make sure you don't mess up the aspect ratio!!!!) and resize. Duplicate your image and set it to screen. Once is enough for the image I'm using, but if it's still rather dark, just duplicate your screen layer, you could always delete it afterwards. result

02. Create a new layer and fill it with #cccccc (light grey). Set it to soft light at 1005 opacity, this will get rid of some contrast and it will lighten the image a bit more. result

03. Create a curves layer, use the following settings:
RBG: 2 dots
input 27, output 12
input 121, output 143

Red: 3 dots
input 23, output 8
input 68, output 87
input 170, output 226

Green: 2 dots
input 21, output 38
input 96, output 109

Blue: 1 dot
input 97, output 115

I'm not a 100% sure this is correct though, I made the original psd before I switched to PS CS3, and I can't figure out how to check the settings. Just in case I messed up: curves.

Set it to 35% opacity, it pretty much has the same effect as the grey soft light layer, it's just a bit more effective. result

04. Create a selective color layer, use the following settings:
C: +3
M: +34
Y: +100

C: -49
M: -15
Y: -29
B: -55

C: -26
M: +20
Y: +82
B: +4

Set it to 100%. Duplicate it, set the duplicate to 45% opacity.
This is pretty much my fav. layer EVER!!!! It adds yellow and red, and I adore it :d If your icon turns out looking like it's about to explode, lower the opacity of one of these 2 layers please, nothing looks good with radio-active colors, not even icons. result

05. Create another selective color layer, use these settings:
C: +100
Y: -70

Set it at 30% opacity.
This layer balances out some of the yellow and red added by the previous layers. It makes sense to play around with them if the icon turn out either too yellow/red or blue right?! result

06: Add another selective color layer, go to red and up the magenta to the max.

07: Time to add some more color and bring back some contrast :d

Create 3 new layers on top of the selective color layers...and fill them with:

The bottom layer: #ccff66 (green), set to color burn at 20%.
The middle layer: #67b6ff (blue), set to color burn at 25%.
The top layer: #ffccff (light pink), set to color burn at 64%.

Create a new layer between the grey soft light layer and the curves layer, fill it with #a9ecff (bright blue) and set it to color burn at 100%.

Add a layer between your curves layer and the first selective color layer, fill it with #ff6666 and set it to overlay, 15%.

These layers are the reason I get rid of most of the contrast in the beginning, if you don't do that your icon will end up really dark and harsh looking. result

It kinda looks like the picture I started out with, just with more contrast *pouts*

08. It's too bright & light for my taste, so I added another curves layer on top. I only messed around with the blue layer, added one dot with input:191 output:0. curves

Set it to multiply at 20% opacity. result

09. Time to add a couple of textures:

This texture by ...(I have absolutely no idea), set to multiply at 10%.
This texture by tihana, enlarge it, rotate it 180' (until you get something like this) and set it to overlay, 15% opacity.
Copy/paste the original texture by tihana once more, resize and twist & turn again, until you get something like this. Set to multiply at 40% opacity.
This texture by _iconographer, rotate it 90', duplicate it, flip the duplicate (horizontal) and move them around until you get something that looks like this. Duplicate those 2 layers, and set one of each (the ones at the bottom please) to overlay, 10% opacity. Merge those 2 layers and use the blur/smudge tool to get rid of harsh lines.
Use auto color on the 2 textures that are left, merge those as well, mutilate them until they're pretty and smooth looking and set to overlay, 40%. result

10. It didn't turn out the way I wanted, and considering I hate starting over I decided to mess around with my base/screen layer. So, scroll down until you find your screen layer and turn it into something pretty using color balance:

Shadows: +40 ~ 0 ~ +35
Midtones: +39 ~ +35 ~ +40
Highlights: 0 ~ 0 ~ -23

Make sure that preserve luminosity is checked!!!!

Much much better :)

11. Step 10 took away a tad too much color to my liking, so we'll add some back

New layer, fill it with #e0dbaf (light beige), set it to color burn, 20% opacity.

And to finish it............take your basic grungy black&white texture and set it to color burn at 15% opacity :d

Sorry about the fact it takes a day to read this, if you'd rather download a similar PSD and get it over with, check the tags and download one of the 2 stock PSD's
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