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Apparently it's Tutorial-time :p

Requested by: xanis


Please keep in mind that most of my coloring is the result of messing around with pretty extreme layers. I've tried to tone it down a bit for this tutorial, but most of the time I don't really know what I'm doing. So, if something isn't working out for you, please try another cap, play around with autocolor, levels, etc etc.....or ask someone on i_t, because I really don't think I could be of much help, sorry

Duplicate the base, set to screen and keep repeating
this step until you get something pretty bright and light

New layer and fill it with #CCCCCC (a light grey).
Set it to soft light --> 62%

Make another layer, fill it with #000235 (a dark blue),
set it to exclusion --> 80%

Another layer, fill it with #A9ECFF (kind of a bright blue).
Set to color burn --> 75%.
If your result isn't red enough for
you this blue layer is the one you want to change,
just lower the opacity to your liking.

Layer > new adjustment layer > curves --> 35%.
Use these settings (I'm pretty sure I've snagged
these from someone, sorry about that):

RBG: 2 dots
input 27, output 12
input 121, output 143

Red: 3 dots
input 23, output 8
input 68, output 87
input 170, output 226

Green: 2 dots
input 21, output 38
input 96, output 109

Blue: 1 dot
input 97, output 115

Layer > new adjustment layer > selective color --> 100%
I use this one on most of my yellow/greenish icons,
it's a bit of a weird layer so don't forget to play around with the opacity!

C: +3
M: +34
Y: +100

C: -49
M: -15
Y: -29
B: -55

C: -26
M: +20
Y: +82
B: +4

Duplicate the selective color layer --> 38%

Layer > new adjustment layer > selective color --> 55%

C: +100
Y: -70

Layer > new adjustment layer > selective color --> 100%

C: +5
M: +52

New layer, fill it with #CCFF66 Set to
color burn --> 30%

Layer > new adjustment layer > gradient map.
Choose the B&W gradient, set to soft light --> 30%

Let me know if I've messed up :)
Tags: tutorial
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